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Norton Identity Safe is trying to modify the settings for an existing driver or service.

The current security setting for Norton Identity Safe does not permit this action, or ZoneAlarm is asking you whether to allow this behavior. Your computer is safe.

What should I do?

Norton Identity Safe has attempted to modify the settings for an existing driver or service. If you trust this program and know what it is, then you may wish to give it permission and/or elevate the Trust Level for this program.


Norton Identity Safe may be malicious. It may be attempting to affect other programs or the security of the system. Programs do not normally need to to modify the settings for an existing driver or service.

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Technical Info

Inside the OSFirewall alert

Alert property Alert property value Technical explanation
Program Name Norton Identity Safe A program running on your computer, which attempted an action that was detected by the OSFirewall.
Filename nst.exe The filename of the program that ZoneAlarm found on your computer.
Program Version 2014.7.0.43 The version of Norton Identity Safe running on your computer.
Program Size 130104 The size of the program executable file in bytes.
Program MD5 97c152de06f2bef0bb14fda3f187efa9 The MD5 hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable.
Smart Checksum 5f325b3a7ca7058fefcd2e344e1f1f1f The SKIMP hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable.
Date Modified Mar-12-2014 04:45:00 AM The date when nst.exe was most recently modified.
Event Type Driver The event involved driver activity.
Sub Event Type DriverModify Norton Identity Safe attempted to modify the settings for an existing driver or service.


Drivers are special computer instructions that allows Windows to access system resources, such as, memory, network interfaces, hard disks, and other devices. Since drivers run as part of Windows itself, they have unrestricted access to the system. ZoneAlarm protects against unauthorized modification of the settings of an existing driver or service because of potential malicious behavior.

Did you know?

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