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User Survey

ZoneAlarm values your opinion and feedback on ZoneAlarm products. Please complete this survey. You may provide your e-mail address so we can contact you for further clarification or explanation of your responses. All questions are optional. Your privacy is important, and Check Point will not sell or release your information to any third party.

If you have questions about your ZoneAlarm product, please contact our support group here.

1.   Your e-mail address (optional):

2.   How long have you been using one of the ZoneAlarm family products?

 Less than 3 months    3 to 6 months    6 to 12 months    Over 12 months  

3.   How long have you been using SmartDefense Advisor?

 Less than 3 months    3 to 6 months    6 to 12 months    Over 12 months  

4.   How often do you use SmartDefense Advisor?

 At least once a day     Once a week    Once a month    Less than once a month  

5.   How would you rate your knowledge of Internet security issues and technologies?

  High. I'm familiar with the technical issues and understand in detail how Internet threats work.

  Medium. I have a basic understanding of how worms and viruses work, but don't understand the technical details.

  Low. I know that worms and viruses are dangerous, but I don't really know how they work.

6.   Which of the following best describes why you accessed SmartDefense Advisor?

  I wanted some general information about Internet security.

  I was curious about what caused an alert.

  I wanted to know whether to give permission to a program that is trying to access the Internet.

  I was worried that I might be under attack, and want to know what I should do.


7.   How useful do you find the information provided by SmartDefense Advisor?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

8.   How useful is the Overview page?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

9.   How useful is the TechInfo page?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

10.   How useful is the Details page?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

11.   How useful is the Whois page?

 Not useful    Useful    Very useful  

12.   Please rate the technical level of the information provided.

 Not technical enough    Just technical enough    Too technical  

13.   Please add any comments or suggestions you have.

To submit your feedback, please click the submit button. Thank you for taking the SmartDefense Advisor user survey.


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