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SmartDefense Advisor Overview Technical Info Details

Userinit Logon Application is trying to create a new process.

The current security setting for Userinit Logon Application does not permit this action, or ZoneAlarm is asking you whether to allow this behavior. Your computer is safe.
Inside the OSFirewall alert
Alert property Alert property value Technical explanation
Program Name Userinit Logon Application A program running on your computer, which attempted an action that was detected by the OSFirewall.
Filename userinit.exe The filename of the program that ZoneAlarm found on your computer.
Program Version 5.1.2600.5512 The version of Userinit Logon Application running on your computer.
Program Size 25088 The size of the program executable file in bytes.
Program MD5 613d7c29c9e3e2375971da7e42e4e330 The MD5 hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable.
Smart Checksum da965702f9c1d22507eb2ddfd092dbc2 The SKIMP hash, or number, that uniquely identifies the executable.
Date Modified Apr-15-2008 12:31:08 AM The date when userinit.exe was most recently modified.
Event Type Process The event involved starting or terminating a thread or process.
Sub Event Type SpawnProcess Userinit Logon Application attempted to spawn a new process.
Process Name C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe The name (including path) of the process being spawned.
Inside ZoneAlarm Pro
Advanced FeatureAvailable in ZoneAlarmTechnical explanation
Firewall with application 'fingerprinting'
Advanced Program Component Control validates an application at the .DLL level. This 'fingerprint' ensures that rogue code cannot masquerade as a trusted application. Click here for an offer to upgrade your security.
Attack notification with advanced threat analysis and advice
Full Whois Report available on each hack attempt. IP mapping pinpoints the computer network that the attack originated from. Activate this feature.
Advanced email virus and worm protection
Advanced MailSafe identifies potentially harmful scripts in email attachments, and then disables the script's ability to execute by changing the file type. Supplements a virus scanner by quarantining harmful email attachments that may carry a yet unclassified virus. Scan incoming email.
Internet ad blocking
Enable ad blocking to stop annoying pop-up and pop-under windows. Block traditional banners ads completely or only those that do not load within several seconds. Custom fit ad blocking to your preferences.
Cookie control
Prevent Web sites from spying on you by blocking session, persistent, or 3rd party cookies. Disable Web bugs and set cookie expiration dates. Surf more anonymously.
Active content control(Java/Active X)
Suppress hostile JavaScript and ActiveX components. Active content control also prevents rogue downloads from initiating—a new obtrusive Web advertising tactic. Tailor your privacy settings.
Blocked Zone
Place Web sites or IP addresses into the Blocked Zone to permanently bar them from contacting your machine. Click here to create your own personal Blocked Zone.
Password protected settings
Set a password to prevent unauthorized users from changing your security settings. Click here for this feature.
Auto-network detection (with one-click ICS/NAT compatibility)
Adapt your security to a new network—including wireless networks. One-click trusted networking and file sharing is a must-have for laptop users and mobile professionals. Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Pro.

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